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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you find us?

Where do you find us?
Move Strong Physical Therapy
Located inside of Cressey Sports Performance
577 Main St, Ste 310
Hudson, MA 01749
Facility Directions

Drive all the way to the back of the complex/building.  Park and walk through the double doors.  The entrance to CSP will be the first door on your left.  Head on in and sit down.  I will come out to meet you.

 Please call our phone number (774-421-9031) if you have any difficulty finding our location.


What should you wear?

For your first appointment, you should wear athletic clothing.  For an upper body/back injury, please wear a tshirt or tank top.  For a lower body injury, please wear shorts.  You will be moving around during your session, so please wear clothes that can move well with you.

What should you expect at your first session?

After your first session, you should expect to have some soreness either at the area in which you are coming in for or adjacent areas.  This is normal.  Your physical therapist will do a comprehensive, thorough evaluation and dentify the sources of what has caused your injury and come up with a plan to address any issues that contributed to your injury.  You and your physical therapist will sit down and create a customized program for you to perform on your own between sessions and will outline a plan regarding frequency of sessions and a plan heading forward to get back to doing what you love.

How do you pay?

We accept cash, check, credit card, Health Savings Account (HSA), Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Venmo, and PayPal.

Other Commonly Asked Questions

Move Strong Physical Therapy is a private-pay, out-of-network, rehab, and performance center. Before you get concerned about out-of-network physical therapy, there are several benefits that  will likely save you more time, money and resources - and most importantly - get you out of pain and feeling better.

What is "Out-of-Network" Physical Therapy?

In an out-of-network treatment model, our physical therapists enter into an agreement with you to provide physical therapy services that are agreed upon by both parties. Customers will pay at the time of service, and there are no surprise bills or fees.

Using this model allows us to focus on providing direct, one-on-one care while keeping administrative costs low.

How Does Out-Of-Network Physical Therapy Work?

Working with an Out of Network Physical therapy, customers pay for services using actual cash, a check, a credit/debit card, or with your HSA. The PT can submit to your insurance on your behalf to curb your out-of-pocket expense. With the exception of Medicare, Medicaid, and some HMOs, many insurance companies provide reimbursement for services received from “out of network” physical therapists.

Out of Network does not mean a physical therapist is short on education, qualifications, and accreditations. Move Strong Physical Therapy chooses to be an out of pocket PT to focus on personalized 1-on-1 physical therapy for Hudson, MA, and surrounding areas in Central Massachusetts.

What's the Advantage of Out-Of-Network Vs. Traditional PT?

While Out of Network Physical Therapy may seem like the more expensive option, it is the option that can save you time, money and resources. Let’s take a look at what all you would invest for and the value you’d receive for that investment.

With a traditional physical therapy model, customer care is decided by the insurance company, and not your physical therapist. Insurance companies do not reimburse for many therapy techniques, and as a result, your physical therapy experience may be limited. Also, it can take over 10 years for a new medical procedure to be reimbursed by insurance.

With out of network physical therapy, 100% of your PT plan is decided by the physical therapist. This gives you the opportunity to provide cutting edge rehab techniques, including dry needling, BFR, manual therapies.

Why Does Move Strong PT Use Out-Of-Network PT?

With this model, our physical therapy clinic is able to provide cutting edge rehab techniques, including dry needling, BFR, manual therapies. Our Hudson physical therapy center focuses on movement practice and has access to a full strength and conditioning gym, and plans to use it.


We’ve helped many people get out of pain and get back to their lives. Let us help you too! Contact our Hudson, MA physical therapy clinic.

This website does not provide medical advice. Consult with your physician or a licensed medical practitioner if you are dealing with an active injury or seeking medical advice.