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Move Strong Physical Therapy

We Help Active Adults and Athletes Get Back to Doing What They Love!


Hudson Physical Therapy - Move Strong PT

Feeling better.

We target your pain and get you feeling better!

Hudson Physical Therapy - Move Strong PT

Moving better.

We look at your movement patterns and teach you how to stay optimal!

Hudson Physical Therapy - Move Strong PT

Performing better.

We will get you back to the activities and sports that you love!

Changing the Game of Performance Physical Therapy

Hudson Physical Therapy - Move Strong PT

Our Difference

We provide you with 1-on-1 PT and rehabilitation services customized just for you, so you can get back to doing what you want to be doing.

See what people say about us.

Move Strong Physical Therapy not only helped her heal and strengthen her ankle in record time, but addressed the root cause of the injury, increasing overall strength and mobility in her hips and legs. They constantly adapt the physical therapy program and exercises to maximize her potential on and off the field.
Julie F.
Move Strong customer
Great experience working with Move Strong Physical Therapy...the staff is very caring and knowledgeable. They did an awesome job helping me with my ACL Recovery so I could get my strength back and return to the field as soon as possible.
Parks M.
Move Strong customer
I went to Move Strong PT with a recurring shoulder issue, after 3 injections had only worked as a temporary fix. They immediately diagnosed the cause of the problem and, having worked with many sports professionals and athletes, gave me a realistic exercise program to strengthen and stabilize my shoulder.
Louise C.
Move Strong customer
Move Strong Physical Therapy’s high levels of service, care, and attention to detail are second to none. After suffering from severe back and lower abdominal pain for weeks, I was finally reviewed by the Move Strong team and they put together a personalized physical therapy plan for me and would check in on me, even on the weekends, to see how I was doing. After a few weeks of sessions with Move Strong Physical Therapy, I am now living life pain-free.
Adam M.
Move Strong customer
Move Strong did an excellent job working with me so that I could continue to do the things I wanted to do, including playing golf, working out and running. I noticed improvements with my bad knee even after the first session with the staff and within a few months I was back to doing all the things I wanted to do.  He taught me many exercises that I could do on my own. I would definitely recommend Move Strong to someone in need of physical therapy. He was a pleasure to work with.
Move Strong customer
Move Strong is a fantastic physical therapy center. They listen carefully, explains why he is recommending various exercises clearly and simply, and adjusts his recommendations based on the feedback I give him. And he cares. I have really enjoyed working with him for various issues I have had with my back and neck. Highly recommended!
Move Strong customer
As a CrossFitter, rest and recovery are important aspects of giving 100%. I was experiencing shoulder and elbow pain and couldn't fix it on my own. Move Strong was highly recommended to me by others at my box, so I called and made an appointment. I'm so glad I did! The staff evaluated my mobility throughout PT and helped me with a combination of dry needling, body work, and exercises. They taught me where my personal weaknesses and areas to watch are and how to help myself perform better before and after a workout. In just a few months, the pain is virtually gone, and I'm back to being able to do everything without scaling. I recommend him to other CrossFit athletes who want to get back to working out pain free!
Move Strong customer
started working with Move Strong Physical Therapy when I hurt my back. His expertise, intelligence and overall understanding of my injury was incredible. Whether I was being treated through dry needling, soft tissue work, stretching or exercises, I always felt confident that I was progressing and healing. Currently, I am done with physical therapy and working out with a trainer! A few months ago, I never thought I'd be where I am now. Incredible!
Move Strong customer

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Hudson Physical Therapy - Move Strong PT

Our Location

Move Strong Physical Therapy is located in Hudson, Massachusetts. Our clinic and performance center is located inside the Cressey Sports Performance building.


We’ve helped many people get out of pain and get back to their lives. Let us help you too! Contact our Hudson, MA physical therapy clinic.

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